Best Practices In Orphan Care and Short-Term Missions

Ask A Missionary!

Follow-Through For Senders

Following Through With Your Host



Supporting Your Host Receiver: how to be a blessing and not a burden

Sending Supporters: the forgotten partners

Developing Consistent Leadership

Leveraging Technology

How Can Travel And Insurance Agents Help You Deal With Crisis?

Spiritual Warfare: how to prepare for the battle that is to come

GO Journal

XP Culture

Short-Term Mission Connexion February 24 — February 25, 2023 in Seattle, WA & Virtual Mode

Evaluating Your STM Program

Practical ways to address poverty through STMs

Virtual Training and Electronic Resources

Responding to Natural Disasters

Conflict Resolution

How Churches and Agencies Can Work Together

Evaluating your Mission Trip

Evaluating Your Training: criteria for an excellent team training

Are Your Mission Trips Using the Right Methods?

Effective Discipleship in mission trips

Rethinking our Mission Trips: the role of short-term missions in the Great Commission

How To RAISE Your Standard of Generosity

Could Online Training Work For Your Mission Trips?

MISTM Grid Worksheet

Short-Term Mission Quick Audit

Travel Checklist

Ok, Who Packed Their Elephants?

A Solid Foundation Amid Shifting Sands

How Churches and Agencies Can Work Together

How Travel and Insurance Agents Can Help in Times of Crisis

Spiritual Warfare

Leveraging Technology

Team Leader Assignment Checklist

How to Develop Consistent STM Team Leadership

Sending Supporters

Evaluating Your Mission Trip

How STM Teams Can Bless Missionary Kids

4 Areas for Reviewing a Partnership

Following Through With Your Hosts

Evaluating Your Training

Evaluating Your Training

Are Your Mission Trips Using the Right Methods?

SAMPLE Medical Form

SAMPLE Participant Survey