7 Standards Cohort


The MissionExcellence 7 Standards Cohort provides an opportunity for those who have attended a Standards Introductory Workshop to take the next step. These cohorts are limited to 4 ministries and will work in small groups through a guided process of self-study for the purpose of applying the 7 Standards of Excellence to their short-term mission program. Participants will meet online as a cohort 5 times and individually 5 times with the MissionExcellence Curriculum and Training Director with the end goal of being prepared for a peer review and accreditation with MissionExcellence at the completion of the cohort.


Cohort meetings will be from 11:00am-12:30pm PT // 2:00-3:30pm ET on the following days: 

  • October 7, 2024
  • November 4, 2024
  • December 9, 2024
  • February 3, 2025
  • May 5, 2025

Individual meetings will be at the convenience of the ministry. 


$500 for the first person

$100/person for up to 3 more

*Cohorts are limited to 4 organizations 


What is an SIW?


The SIW is an 8-10 hour seminar designed to help adoptive members understand how they can incorporate and achieve competence in all Seven Standards. It also provides a review of how to form and manage a Peer Review process, should a member organization desire to pursue full accreditation. The workshops are taught by experienced MissionExcellence trainers (usually two). They are interactive, use case studies and small group discussions. MISTM-grid theory and the supporting principles behind the standards are reviewed. Most of the SIWs will be piggy-backed as a pre-conference onto ongoing MissionExcellence Approved Training Conferences. This helps reduce time and travel expense.


The SIW is a one-time required workshop for MissionExcellence member organizations. We ask members to maintain at least one staff member who has attended an SIW, but time is allowed following initial adoption and during staff transition.

What is an approved conference?


The MissionExcellence approves certain national conferences that help you fulfill the MissionExcellence training requirement (sponsored by different hosting groups). These approved conferences will provide STM electives as one part of their overall conference theme or will be entirely devoted to training in STM. Some of these conferences will also host the required Standards Introductory Workshop (SIW) as a pre- or post-conference event.


We ask that you send at least one of your key staff (preferably most) to an MissionExcellence-approved training conference at least once every three years for continuing education and to maintain good standing.


Experienced STM speakers with diverse backgrounds from churches, agencies, schools, and other organizations provide the training, according to the design of the given host conference.


Each host conference determines its own registration fees, room, board and other costs. Some conferences provide early registration discounts. Click on the links below for more information.