4 Areas for Reviewing a Partnership

October 2018

By Tory Ruark, Chief Operations Officer and STM coach at Standards of Excellence

While short-term mission trips are happening all year long, for many of us, the fall represents a time of regrouping and planning for the next year. This is a great time to pause and assess partnerships with your field hosts before simply penciling in your next trip.

So, what should you consider? Here’s a short list of questions and considerations:

  • What’s our reason for doing the trip? Are you doing it because you always have or because of God’s specific leading?
  • Who are we as a church or organization? Has your mission, vision, or passion changed? Do you have any new skills or resources?
  • Who is our partner? Has your partner’s vision, mission, or passion changed? Is it still a good fit for you?
  • Have we accomplished our purpose? Hopefully your partnership is defined by a specific purpose. Has it been accomplished? If not, why not and what should be done differently to accomplish it? If so, what’s next?

Empowering partnerships don’t come easy. For more resources, check out our November 2017 issue of The HUB. You can also brush up on how to follow-through with your host. Make sure you check out other SOE webinars — they are recorded and still available!

Watch the recorded webinar “Ask a Missionary!