Virtual Mission Trips From A Host’s Perspective

We talk with Larry McCrary from The Upstream Collective about what he learned from hosting a short-term mission trip with his church in Spain in the months following the COVID shut down in March 2020. We talk about how the idea came about, what they did, how he benefited from it, and what role he sees virtual mission trips playing in the future. 

Larry is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Upstream Collective. He and his family have lived in Europe for nearly 20 years, where he has served in a variety of strategy and leadership roles. Prior to moving to Europe he was a church planter and pastor in the US. He is a co-author of Tradecraft: For the Church on MissionThe First 30 Daze: Practical Encouragement for Living Abroad Intentionally, and The MarketSpace: Essential Relationships Between the Sending Church, Marketplace Worker, and Missionary Team.

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