Kingdom Resource Raising

What if fundraising was a ministry in itself? What if fundraising and giving became joyful? We talk with Scott Rodin about how we can approach fundraising from a biblical perspective that makes God the fundraiser and us a minister to those around us.


Books by Scott Rodin: Million Dollar Dime, The Sower, The Third Conversion


Scott Rodin has a passion for helping Christian ministry leaders take a biblical approach to leadership development, strategic planning, board development and raising kingdom resources. Over the past thirty-five years he has worked with hundreds of organizations in the U.S., Canada, Middle East, Great Britain, China, India, the Philippines and Australia.

Dr. Rodin is president of The Steward’s Journey and a Senior Consultant and Chief Strategy Officer for The FOCUS Group. He also serves as a Senior Fellow of the Association of Biblical Higher Education. Dr. Rodin holds Master of Theology and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Systematic Theology from the University of Aberdeen, Scotland.  He has authored seventeen books and he blogs weekly at

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