Virtual Visits Touch Lives

June 19, 2020

By Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil – International Ministries

On June 18, 2020, many states in the US and Puerto Rico were grateful to Zoom to enable them to travel without using passports to visit one of our single women global servants in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).

Rev. Madeline Flores-Lopez has been serving as one of IM’s global servants for the past 17 years. Rev. Madeline is a connector, ball of energy, unable to sit still too long, who is known in her community as the “pastora with the red pick-up truck.”

Coronavirus impacted her ministry of relationship building, distribution of water filters, medicine, food and clothing in more ways than she had imagined. Being asked to stay on lock-down for three months was a challenge, which at times, she did not think she could manage.

But by God’s grace, Rev. Madeline looks back at these past three months and is grateful. On June 18th she was moved to tears when she saw faces on her laptop screen she had not seen for months and years, and heard English and Spanish prayers lifting her up

The Short-Term Mission team at International Ministries sponsored this virtual visit with Rev. Madeline Flores-Lopez to not only reassure Rev. Madeline that she had not been forgotten, but to bridge the ocean gap between churches, lay pastors from the US and Puerto Rico, that God’s mission is alive. The pictures they saw and the descriptions of the ministry, their financial support and prayers touched, were a real testimony of God’s provision. 

Virtual visits touch lives and remind us not to lament the inability to travel, but to rejoice in seeing God’s omnipresence across borders, living rooms, and computer screens. Connections have been strengthened.

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