Partnership Essential #1: The Value Conversation

February 2020

By Daniel Rickett, author of the books Building Strategic Relationships and Making Your Partnership Work
Foreword by Tory Ruark, Chief Operations Officer at SOE

This month’s article is the second we’ve used from Daniel Rickett as the theme of Mutual Design is so closely related to partnership. One of the hallmarks of Mutual Design is that all participants benefit from the trip. In our desire to be selfless, we often forget about our own goals and desires and, as Daniel Rickett writes, people cooperate when it’s in their best interest to do so. If your goals and desires aren’t being met, the partnership will probably not be sustainable. 

Daniel Rickett is a recognized authority in the area of cross-cultural partnerships with over thirty years of experience working with indigenous ministries. He’s authored several books on the subject, is a partnership consultant, and manages cross-cultural partnerships as Executive Vice President of She Is Safe.
The article “Partnership Essential #1: The Value Conversation” helps us think through how we might work together with our partner to design a mission trip that benefits everyone involved.

SOE wants to thank Daniel Rickett for providing this resource.