6 Steps for Planning a Short-Term Mission Trip

Here are six steps you can utilize to formulate your next mission trip team.

STEP 1 – Team Determination Phase

  • Agree on goals with your partner
  • Mutually design your plan
  • Implementation of plan

STEP 2 – Team Publicity Phase

  • Include training, trip and debriefing dates
  • Set accurate expectations of trip
  • Use appropriate photos

STEP 3 – Team Selection Phase

  • Select qualified team leaders
  • Confirm team size with host
  • Consider criteria for team members

STEP 4 – Team Training Phase

  • Determine key areas for training
  • Include opportunities to apply training
  • Provide information for senders and hosts

STEP 5 – Team Returning Phase

  • Debrief the team for re-entry
  • Provide follow-through resources
  • Equip senders for team’s return

STEP 6 – Evaluation Phase

  • Assess effectiveness of training
  • Determine accomplishment of partnerships goals
  • Plan next steps