Thank you for supporting SOE

Thank you for giving to SOE. Your gift is changing lives around the world!

In 2018, we saw our membership grow by roughly 20%! This is exciting as it means more churches and organizations are joining the movement of excellent mission trips. We’ve not only been expanding our membership but our services as well. We now offer a variety of on-site training’s, coaching and consulting, and a monthly publication and webinar. In November, we held one of our highest attended webinars ever on the subject of Best Practices for Short-Term Missions with Orphan and Vulnerable Children.

In 2019, we will offer a Standards Introductory Workshop as a pre-conference event a the National African American Mission Conference (NAAMC). We have also partnered with NAAMC to launch a certification program aimed at mobilizing more African Americans and their churches in missions. We’re excited for this growing involvement with NAAMC and the African American church.

Thank you for giving generously and making it possible for SOE to expand and impact more lives for the Kingdom!

With Pure Joy,

Brian Heerwagen, CEO
Standards of Excellence