Navigating COVID-19

Here is a collection of downloads and free resources to help you navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Survey results are in!

SOE conducted a survey in September 2021 and asked churches, agencies and organizations [current SOE Members] how they are handling the COVID-19 vaccine regulations and recommendations. Here is a snapshot of the responses we received in the report below.

*Note – SOE is not providing any guidance on whether or not your organization should require or not require the COVID-19 vaccine for leaders, goers or hosts. This survey is purely to showcase how organizations are handling the current situation within their own ministry contexts’. All comments are anonymous.

COVID-19 Trip Risk Assessment

Thank you Praying Pelican Missions for sharing this COVID-19 acknowledgement and liability form. Feel free to use this as is or tailor it for your purposes. We recommend you regularly review your final version of this form to be sure it matches current CDC guidelines and recommendations.  

SOE’s COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Packet

This handy new COVID-19 Preparedness Plan Packet was developed to guide you in the process, when the time comes, to successfully and thoughtfully mobilize missions domestically and abroad. 

This guidance is not advice and may not account for every nuance of your situation, but it is a place to start.

SOE’s COVID-19 Travel Considerations

While not enough is known to set guidelines based on medical trends, we would encourage you to consider the factors listed on the infographic to the right when trying to decide if it’s safe to travel.

I have reviewed the SOE statement on return to travel. I feel it reflects a sound and wise approach to re-engagement within our current understanding of the pandemic.

James Lindgren, MD, FAAP, FACP, FAEP / Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine / Board Certified Emergency Medicine

We are thankful that God is at work all over the world! Our participation in God’s plan for redemption is a gift and we will be faithful to His invitation to participate in whatever way He sees fit. We pray for and long for the time when we can be together with brothers and sisters in Christ both near and far. May God give us wisdom to determine when this is possible.

Virtual Mission Experience Opportunities

Articles for more virtual experience considerations…

Virtual Visits Touch Lives
Virtual Prayer Walks
Staying Connected

Mission related opportunities…

SIM USA – Get ready for Japan 2021! In the meantime, consider applying now AND (when approved) join a monthly gathering where you can hear what God is doing in Japan through: learning from Japanese pastors and missionaries, building community with others going, learning language, and other aspects of preparation.

For more information and to begin the application process for joining a team, prospective applicants can visit our website here (note: the website still has info for 2020, but we are working on updating that!)

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COVID-19 & Mission Trip Webinars

Check out this webinar we conducted on December 8, 2020. This webinar discussed the current climate with COVID-19, looking ahead at Mission Trips and what 2021 might present.

Check out this webinar we conducted on July 23, 2020. This is Round 3 from the previous webinars that were hosted on April 16 and March 17.